Using back braces has health benefits and advantages that you should know. The braces used today have straps that pull the brace to cause compression to the core musculature. The result is an overall decrease in volume of intra-abdominal tissues. This volume decrease is what becomes a stabilizer to the spine.

Most back injuries or conditions that affect the back end up causing muscle spasms and inflammation. Though there are many reasons behind back pain based on the functions of the spinal column, using a back brace is a great idea for people who want to keep the treatment conservative. When you have back pain, regardless of what is causing it, the musculature reacts by contracting into involuntary spasms. This is an involuntary contraction of muscles that occur with an aim of protecting the inflamed or injured joint, or soft tissues. The muscles will go into overdrive mode with the intention of protecting the spine. This will, however, lead to a circle of spasms and pain.

The available means to break these spasms include physiotherapy, medication, and the use of external stabilizers. The external stabilizers come in form of back braces and are great since, unlike medication, they do not have side effects. The use of back braces will allow the core muscles surrounding and supporting the spine to relax and not to get into the overdrive protection mode. When this happens, you will be in a position to more freely and stand or sit without the discomfort experienced during the spasms.

Another important benefit is the provision of Proprioception. This means the unconscious perception of movement and spatial orientation coming from stimuli within the body itself. The stimuli in humans are detected by nerves in the body and the semicircular canals located in the inner ear. The braces will provide proprioception and allow you to move, sit and maintain healthier postures while giving you time to heal.