Back braces have proved to be great support devices when it comes to the spin and the back in general. Well everything that works has its benefits and advantages. It also has drawbacks but the fact that it is widely used by the medical world says that the benefits far much outweigh the drawbacks. In what people know about back braces, there are truths and there are myths that people tend to believe more than the truth. Let us look at these myths.

Back Braces Weaken Muscles

This is not true. This is something that you will often hear. The only way wearing a back brace will lead to muscle weakness is if you put on, lie down and never to anything for a long time. This will also happen in cases where one is not wearing a back brace. Wearing a back brace will give you a chance to walk, stand, and handle other activities. This is something you would not do without it and it is a positive step towards your recovery. It is very important that you follow instructions when wearing a back brace to make sure that you do not cause further injury. Your health practitioner will guide you on this.

You will Depend on The Back Brace Forever

This is not true. This myth circles back to the significance of core musculature maintenance. This is through following an exercise program that strengthens the core. If you wear the back brace and leave  all the work to it, chances are that you will get into trouble. The best way to approach this is through talking to your medical practitioner. They are in a better position to recommend the right back brace. They will also walk you through the different exercise programs that will help you deal with strengthening your core and avoiding back brace dependency.