Before we discuss back braces for scoliosis, it is important to first understand what scoliosis is. Scoliosis is a medical condition which results in an abnormal lateral or side-to-side curvature of the spine. When you have scoliosis, the spine is classified according to the shape. There is levoscoliosis which forms a ‘C’ shape with the curvature being towards the left side. There is also Dextroscoliosis where the curvature forms a ‘C’ shape backwards towards the right. It might also be an ‘S’ shape where the spinal column has two curves.

The scoliosis back brace is used as a treatment plan for curves that are 25 degrees. Once a medical practitioner decides that a child needs to wear the back brace, they will wear it until the spine stops growing. This means that the brace will be part of their lives for quite a number of years. Most of these braces need to be worn all the time. They can be taken off when showering but they need to stay on even when sleeping. This is because the aim of using the brace is to align the spine. Wearing the brace at all times will encourage a straight growth of the spine. The wearer can take off the brace for about 60 minutes in a day to allow them to take part in some activities such as taking a shower or swimming.

Years ago, the Milwaukee scoliosis brace was the only option available. It was bulky and came with metal bars that resulted in neck immobilization. It was also impossible to cover the brace. Today, most people use the Boston brace which starts under the arm and can be covered with some type of clothing. For this reason, it is considered a low profile back brace that is made of plastic and is form-fitting. It is best worn over a t-shirt or undershirt to prevent irritation under the skin. It is important that the brace is maintained and cleaned regularly. You should also check your skin for any form of irritation.